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Dating back to the 1960's, several Latin recording artists have expressed their romantic tendencies by including romantic ballad/boleros in their albums. Many go unnoticed when they are included in exciting Salsa or Boogaloo albums. Bobby Marin has comprised a collection of the best of his productions and included them in this Latin Love album for your listening pleasure when you're in that special mood.

Artists in this album: Jimmy Sabater, Deborah Resto, The Latin Chords, Willie Torres, Bobby Marin, Ocho, Joe Panama, Graciela & Machito, Mike Guagenti





Very rare Live! recordings by Machito and his Afro Cuban Orchestra. Never previously released recordings from performances given over 40 years ago.

I Will Survive : (Single 5:45)

Charanga Pasion: I Will Survive



A unique arrangement of CHARANGA and JAZZ and a disco hit from the past make for a very interesting and exciting recording by this orchestra of very talented women.

Cuba Que Lindo : (Single 7:04)

Celia Cruz: Cuba Que Lindo

Celia Cruz visited Miami several years ago and performed one of her greatest shows. Here is a sampling of that wonderful night.

Ay San Antonio! : (Single 3:31)

1978 El Sonido Records Written by Felo Barrio
Produced by Bobby Marin and Mauricio Smith
This Charanga orchestra was founded by conguero George Maysonet (born in Catano,P.R. ) in 1977. Charanga America released their biggest hit "Ay San Antonio" in 1978 and created a lasting impact on New York dancers that has existed well over 30 years. Sung by Felo Barrio and Gene Hernandez of Orq.Broadway fame, this classic features Eddie Drennon on voilin and the late Mauricio Smith Sr. on flute.

Cambia El Tumbao : (Single 2:47)

Cortijo y su Combo: Cambia El Tumbao


Rafael Cortijo, a veteran bandleader out of Puerto Rico, has been heralded as being the King of the Plena/Bomba. Dances and styles originating in Puerto Rico. Together with Ismael Rivera, Cortijo went on to record hits dating back to the 50’s.

Puchunga : (Single 5:16)

Hector Rivera: Puchunga

Hector Rivera is an unsung hero when it comes to Afro-Cuban music dominance. A fine pianist/arranger he shows off his skills in this recording. Produced by Bobby Marin

Hijo De Yemaja : (Single 3:47)

Ismael Quintana: Hijo De Yemaya



Former singer for Eddie Palmieri orchestra, Ismael pursued a solo career by signing with United Artists Latino Records. This recording was arranged by Louie Ramirez and produced by Bobby Marin.

Encuentro : (Single 4:50)

Louie Ramirez: Encuentro

Produced by Tony Gio Arranged by Isidro Infante
When you speak of the great combinations in Latin music Tito Puente & Vicentico Valdes, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz come to mind.I thought Celia Cruz and Ray Barretto were great together.Another such combo who unfortunately recorded together too few times were the late great Louie Ramirez and Puerto Rican vocalist Tito Allen.Here the singer tells you of the encounter - the "titan" of rhythms & song and bandleader Louie Ramirez have arrived! With trumpets & baritone sax,the band comes in with mucho swing and the tailor-made Louie Ramirez sound. Along with Gil" Pulpo" Colon on piano, Papo Pepin handling the congas, Pete Miranda on baritone and the legendary Adalberto Santiago on coro- Louie swings it with his timbal- on "EL ENCUENTRO".

Feo Pero Sabroso : (Single 4:09)

Louie Ramirez: Feo Pero Sabroso


From the Louie Ramirez archives comes this 1974 recording which features some of NY's finest musicians like Mike Collazo, Frankie Malabe, Victor Paz, Alfredo Delafe. Victor Velasquez does the vocals. Louie plays vibes, piano and timbales on this funky Son Montuno. Produced by Bobby Marin.

Hold On I'm Comin': (Single 2:14)

Machito & Graciela: Hold On I


Machito's sister, Graciela, worked as a vocalist for Machito's Afro Cuban Orchestra since their days in Cuba, over sixty years ago. In this production, Graciela teams up with renowned Cuban vocalist, Rudy Calzado, to do their unique rendition of the Sam & Dave hit, "Hold On, I'm Comin'". Musical arranger is Louie Ramirez, Produced by Richard Marin.

Aprende A Querer : (Single 5:31)

Orlando Marin: Aprende A Querer

Heavy on the mambo! Arguably Orlando Marin's best. Matancero Justo Betancourt makes his U.S. recording debut here and the future Fania All-star sings the warning "learn to love- I won't last forever". With Orlando Marin, the leader, on timbal; Chickie Perez on bongo & pianist Paquito Pastor, the orchestra shines. Make no mistake, with everything from the swing, sharp breaks & bright trumpets to the on-the-mark cowbells & rhythm section-this one is a winner.

Top Cuban Artists
Musica Cubana: (Album)

Various Artists: Musica Cubana

This compilation of exciting and obscure recordings by some of the Cuban greats is a rare treat, indeed. Some titles were recorded during live performances. The album brings you a rare blend of Afro-Cuban, Son, Tipico and Mambo recordings going back several decades, yet the sound quality is maintained throughout.

Arsenio Rodriguez, Machito, Miguelito Valdez, Pio Leyva, Celia Cruz, Beny More' among the dignitaries that adorn this feel-good album.

Boleros De Amor : (Album)

Various Artists: Boleros De Amor

The bolero brings together man and woman in an intimate fashion, and the music should be gentle and romantic. This album brings together some of the most romantic Bolero music ever recorded. Lovers beware.

Latin Crooners VICENTICO VALDES, SANTOS COLON, BENY MORE and TITO RODRIGUEZ head the list of talented singers joined in this album of sensuous Boleros.

She: (Single 3:24)

Bobby Marin: She



This song was written by Bobby Marin for an upcoming Ocho recording. Bobby laid down the vocal track for another singer but that didn't work out. Here is the original track with Bobby's vocal on it.

Ritmo Del Monte: (Single 4:26)

Bobby Marin: Ritmo Del Monte

This rare recording gem opens with the fiery "Vamonos Pal Monte-ish" vamp that Bobby took to the next Charanga level using Mike Guagenti on timbales, Oscar Garcia on vibes, Nelson Gonzalez with his tres and Fania All-Star Pupi Legaretta on flute and violin -"Ritmo Del Monte" sounds like a well-oiled locomotive engine. This hard to find track goes out with two Pupi Legaretta flute solos at the end that were so good that both were included in this sexy Charanga/Mambo.

Kimbya: (Single 4:20)

Bobby Marin & La Crema: Kimbya

Swingin' Mambo/Salsa recording featuring Manny Roman on vocals, Louie Ramirez on vibes, Chico Mendoza on piano, Andy Gonzalez on bass, Mauricio Smith on flute, Frankie Malabe on congas, Mike Collazo on timbales, Steve Berrios on drums, Coro: Jimmy Sabater, Adalberto Santiago, Bobby Marin. Produced by Bobby Marin